LOCKS IN MOISTURE. Each pad comes with multiple layers to ensure leak - proof and odor proof performance. The inside layers captures the urine instantly, locking in wetness and odor.
PERFECT FOR POTTY TRAINING NEW PUPPIES. Also in assisting aging, ailing and incontinent dogs, extended indoor stays, or for use while traveling. Through the Fast Dry Technology design, your floors are protected against drips, leaks and tracking.
HOLDS UP TO 10 CUPS. The pads are leak proof. It instantly converts liquid into gel so your dog’s paws stay dry and clean.
AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES AND COUNTS. 18x24 inches in 20, 64 and 128 pads or 23x24 inches in 50, 100 and 150 pads or 28x34 inches in 20 and 42 pads. Contains mess & keep it exactly where you want it to stay during house training.
The pee pads match the use of pad holder,pet beds,dog creat,car and pet travel carrier